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 Act 1: Let's get out of here

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PostSubject: Re: Act 1: Let's get out of here   Fri 16 Mar 2018, 9:27 pm

Steve starts singing a sea shanty with the crew and other fairies.

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PostSubject: Re: Act 1: Let's get out of here   Fri 16 Mar 2018, 9:39 pm

The fairies join their voices to Steve's, and soon, even Amber is singing along with them.

As the Vulcan leaves Zest's Gate behind and heads southeast, keeping itself at a good distance from the Dome, Mihai begins to paint his message on the deck of the ship with the help of a few fairies and his sister.

Hopefully, Anne will be able to read it through her powers.
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PostSubject: Re: Act 1: Let's get out of here   Sun 18 Mar 2018, 11:47 am


The Vulcan has now lost sight of the coast. The only noticeable landmark is the Dome, looming on the horizon. Half an hour into the voyage, Femke appears on deck. She looks around and spots Segel at the wheel. He's the only fairy there, so she decides to walk up to the stern and leans against the railing.

Mihai approaches her - "Hey."

Femke turns her attention away from the fairies and focuses on Mihai instead. "Hello. How can I help?"

Mihai leans his back on the railing, close enough for a conversation without invading her personal space. - "Just something i'm planning for while we're at sea. There's a sign language i taught the Team; it works pretty well in operations where we need to keep quiet. Might come in handy once we get to where we're going, so i'd like to give you, Amber and Fluffle a rundown in the next few days. You're up for it?"

She considers the offer for a short moment before she responds. "This seems wise. Thank you."

Mihai shrugs - "Thank you. You showed up at a time when all the ground was pulled from under our feet."

Femke frowns. "Is that an idiom?"

Mihai scratches his head - "Uh, kind of. It means we lost all else we could count on. That Edwin Reeves guy, he runs the Coins. Took almost half our Team away when he backstabbed us, so we were just barely on our feet when you offered to help."

"I see. I hope the information I can provide will help you in your search."

"Yeah..." - he trails off, but then snaps out of it and changes the subject - "By the way, you said you'd need our help later on. Anything you're able to let on?"

"I'm sorry, but no. I'm not allowed to disclose such sensitive information. Not yet."

"It's alright. Most of us are retiring after this, though, but i'm sure everyone will be willing to lend a hand when you need us."

She stays silent for a moment, seemingly studying Mihai's face. "I thought people retired only when they were much older than you are."

Mihai exhales something between a sigh and a chuckle - "And also start older than i did, but depends on the line of work. I've got a family to look after now. Fedler's willing to find some other way to make a living for our sake, and so am i. Even though this is all i've ever known for the past 15 years." - then his mood sombers a little - "That's what Edward took from me. That's what i have to take back."

"Oh. I apologize for bringing up painful memories." She slightly bows.

"No, don't worry about it." - he reassures, then tries to change the subject - "Can i ask you something?"

"Of course."

He looks at her, unsure how to best phrase it - "You look... younger than Faith and Conan."

She stares at Mihai. "I'm sorry. What question are you inferring?"

He gets a bit awkward - "Well, are you? I mean, you don't have to answer if you don't want to. I don't mean to get invasive."

"I am." She studies Mihai's face for a second. "You're uncomfortable. Why is that?"

He shrugs - "It's... not normally a very polite thing to ask. I mean, it's not rude, just... some people don't like to answer that sort of thing. So, in trying to be tactful, the person asking the question ends up coming off as awkward."

"I've noticed. How old are you?"

"28. And you?"

Without missing a beat, she replies, "You offend me."

"Uh, sorry."

"It was a joke."

He manages to chuckle a little - "Good one, then. So, how old are you?"

Femke doesn't say anything for a long moment."...I will tell you if you promise not to reveal my age to anyone else."

Mihai nods - "I promise."

This reassurance seems to satisfy her. "I am almost six years old."

"Hmm..." - Mihai's surprise is actually very little - "I only noticed because of the way you look at things. There's a..." - he searches for the right word - "...curiosity there, that Faith and Conan didn't seem to have."

"Hm. I'll do better and try to hide it in the future. Thank you for your advice."

He raises an eyebrow - "I didn't mean it as a flaw. I don't see anything wrong with it."

"Oh." She seems to realize something. "I apologize. I sometimes mistake people's intentions."

"Uh, no need. You just seemed a little different, so i was curious. But..." - he searches for the right words again, then nods up toward the sails - "The fairies, for example. They don't need any of that singing to do their job right, but they like it, so they do it. And they do a perfect job of running this ship, either way. Or Steve, who keeps doing those crazy pranks of his. Despite what anyone else may think of him, i know i can trust my back to him any day." - he tries to continue - "And you, well... you seemed to enjoy singing with him yesterday, and you seem to enjoy watching the Fairies do their thing. That's just interesting, and perfectly fine. I don't think there's any reason you need to curb that, if you like it."

For some reason, Femke is bemused by what Mihai just told her. - "Um..." - She shifts her gaze toward the ground.

Mihai is a bit awkward - "Uh... did i say too much? I'm sorry, maybe i did."

"Uh, no. Of course not." - Though she still hasn't regained the impassiveness she usually displays.

"Well, um... sorry if i came off weird. I should check on Fluffle, he took the news pretty hard." - he leans off the railing and makes ready to go away, but hesitates a little - "You're ok, right?" - he asks with a little concern.

Femke straightens her stance. "Yes," she says.

"Well, ok. I'll be off, then. See you later."

She nods and turns around to look at the Dome.


Fluffle is on the forecastle deck -- near the bow -- with a few other fairies playing a game of Lords of Firepool. Not wanting to disturb him, Mihai waits around an hour for him to finish his game with his new friends, who tell him he can go ahead and they'll take care of putting the board game back in its place. The Zest fairy chats for a moment with them before he starts flying towards the deck.

Mihai approaches - "Hey. Got a minute?"

"Oh, Nugget Guy," the fairy replies. "Sure."

"Just uh, wanted to check on you, after all that's happened. How are you holding up?"

"Oh, I'm doing good," he says with a smile. "How about you?"

He exhales slightly - "About the same as you, i guess. They... took someone very dear to me too." - he stares at the horizon, and his face grows grave - "....." - but then shakes it off - "Listen, i guess i just wanted to say..." - he searches for the right words - "...that blathering back there in town? Don't pay any mind to it. It's very easy to see why Breeze likes you. And i'll bet anything she'll be beside herself when she sees you swooping in to rescue her."

Fluffle stares at Mihai's face, but he quickly regains his smile and says with confidence, "I'm sure Miss Fedler will be happy to see you too. Don't worry, we'll save both of them!"

"Yeah..." - he trails off, staring at the horizon again. Then regains his composure and resumes the conversation - "On to business, then. There's a sign language my team uses in operations where we need to keep a low profile. We'll probably need it once this boat ride is over, so i'd like to teach you, Amber and Femke. You're up for it?"

"Hmm." Fluffle rubs his chin. "Sure! But isn't it going to be difficult to understand what I say? I have little hands." - He proceeds to show Mihai his hands.

"Breeze did fine. I'm sure you will too. Either way, it's a good thing to fall back on if need be. I'll trust your judgement on what to use, as the situation warrants."

"Understood! I'll do my very best."

Mihai nods, then changes the subject - "By the way, something i'm curious about."

"Yes?" He's curious too.

"Most Fairies i've come across have something they feel like they were born to do, and are exceptionally good at. Breeze can read a full page in eight seconds, a friend of ours from the Feathers can run a whole company, and these folks are able to flawlessly run a ship. I'm wondering if you have something like that, besides being the community leader."

"Oh really? The other fairies are all like that?" Fluffle is impressed. "Oh, I wish we had something like that too."

Mihai shrugs "Well, your composure is very impressive. Either way, i'm sure you'll find it. I was just curious."

"Now I wonder if we have something like that," he says with a reflective tone. "That sounds awesome."

"There is one ability of yours i'm counting on, though." - he follows up - "Back in town, you were able to sense the Orbs jammed in my head. Are you able to sense my thoughts right now?"

"Oh no, we can't read in other people's mind." He laughs.

"I don't mean like that. More like just a general feel. Breeze said it was like seeing what a book's cover was, not the actual pages."

"She said that? Hmm. I don't know." He gets closer to Mihai's face. "I mean, there's a lot going on in your head right now. Is that what you mean?"

"Yes, i think so. Can you tell between a Human's mind and a Fairy's?"

"Of course!"

Mihai's expression becomes sharper - "Good, that's exactly what we need. Listen, i'm gonna tell you about what we're up against." - he pauses a moment, to prepare for the spiel - "The guy who took Fedler and Breeze - a man named Edward - he's part of an organization that's been fighting a very bad type of monster for a very long time. Edward, though, has decided he knows better, and wants to take matters into his own hands. We fought one of those monsters a year ago, and barely came out alive. But the really tricky thing where we're going, will be telling it apart from the normal people. It may be able to hide it, but it's mind feels similar to that of a Fairy, except... wrong. Breeze felt sick when she first saw it." - he tries to conclude - "If need be, and we're dragged into Edward's fight and end up needing to pick the monster out from a crowd, you may be our only hope."

Fluffle blinks. "I don't really get. But you just want me to tell you when I see someone strange?"

"That's right. If you spot someone whose mind feels off, let us know. Discreetly. You should be able to tell Femke feels very different from any of us, but she's a friend. Anyone else nearby should feel Human."

"Oh, that's easy. I'll keep a close eye on everyone then."

"Good." - Mihai nods - "I'm counting on you."

Fluffle gives a thumbs up.
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PostSubject: Re: Act 1: Let's get out of here   Thu 22 Mar 2018, 10:37 pm

Onboard the Vulcan, in transit from Zest to Odwaz

Konrad with Fluffle:
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PostSubject: Re: Act 1: Let's get out of here   

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Act 1: Let's get out of here
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