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 Goblin Slayer - questions without answers (Spoilers)

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Goblin Slayer - questions without answers (Spoilers) Empty
PostSubject: Goblin Slayer - questions without answers (Spoilers)   Goblin Slayer - questions without answers (Spoilers) Icon_minitimeThu 18 Oct 2018, 9:23 pm

So I decided to read through some more of Goblin Slayer. The rest of it isn't as graphic as I was expecting. I was looking for why the goblin crisis isn't being dealt with competently.

I got as far as chapter 17. By the way, to make this even more ridiculous,they've mentioned critical twice in the same context as we would in DnD, talk about classes. Blink and you'll miss it: they show a 5th edition character sheet in the first chapter as the adventuring recruitment sheet.


Sadly that was only uploaded six days ago. And we are supposed to take this seriously.

This is all they tell you: the guild won't charge hardly any money per goblin and doesn't classify such quests as any rank higher than the lowest, no matter the size or the strength of the threat. Their reasoning isn't given. What's going on with the guild? Is someone sabotaging the effort to crush the goblins? They get reports of goblin cruelty every time someone asks for help, and they get enough raid survivors and definitely more than a handful of female victims, at least thanks to Goblin Slayer if we're to believe he's so damn good at his life's passion (and it is his life's passion...make no damn mistake), so this can't be ruled out as ignorance. They have all the gold in the world for quests they rank higher than goblins. This is just stated and no explanation is given for it, but it sounds like deliberate sabotage. I would expect such institutions to be expected to make a report to their governments about the number of threats, the size of said threats, and the casualties of these threats. They have magic for this. They have sheets of paper for this that they waste on new recruits.

The military also won't bother with goblins. Again, an unexplained blanket response to a monster threat. Are they at war? It doesn't feel that way, nobody's named any nations, talked about any wars going on, or any problems wars cause: salted fields, sacked towns, rise in crime, territory under occupation, etc. Are they understaffed, spread too thin? Territory isn't outlined, the land under whatever jurisdiction this takes place in hasn't been given a rough estimate of size. Apparently there is an abundance of food if the dwarf can gleefully swallow cuisine like an adventurer playfully, criminally ignorantly, tramping down into a cave full of goblins.

That's all I got so far. 1d4chan goes into it more, and even they haven't scratched the surface, or so they say, of the debate threads spun in the wake of this manga. I wish we had some better hints early on, but if Kumo Kagyo is going for subtlety, I'd need a cipher to spot it. I could make up some explanations, and they'd be reasonable, but that's not my damn job, that's Kumo Kagyo's job. They also probably wouldn't hold a candle to said threads already made discussing it.

I'll bet I could find a video if I really wanted to. Actually come to think of it now, I really do.
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Goblin Slayer - questions without answers (Spoilers)
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