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PostSubject: Trivia   Trivia Icon_minitimeTue 16 May 2017, 8:30 pm

What the player characters know

Map of the Archipelago

Each nation speaks a specific language.

The Free Feathers: Imperial
The Lofell Republic: Lofellian
The Emerald Kingdom: Chromium
The Lorinth Kingdom: Harmonie
Myr: Wytrwaly

Other languages

Found in the Enclave: Mishmash (which is an amalgam of all the nations' languages).
Used by the practicing Stoics: Stoikotita (originated from a culture which disappeared because of the Flood; it isn't used much anymore).

Imperial is the common language in the Archipelago and almost everyone speaks it. It is what people use for international trade. Your characters certainly speak it. You also gain an additional language for where your character was raised, and you can choose another language for each INT modifier you have.

The languages in the Archipelago are also based around some you can found in real life.

Free Feathers = English
Lofell = French
Emerald = Latin
Lorinth = German
Myr = Polish
Enclave = You mix them up.


Mind degeneration: process by which raw magic affects the brain, causing the progressive loss of structure and function of the mind.

Persona dilution: the result of someone who has gone mad, whatever the degree of severity.
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