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 The Archipelago's NPCs

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PostSubject: The Archipelago's NPCs   The Archipelago's NPCs Icon_minitimeSat 01 Jul 2017, 2:44 am

Reconstituting the people threads, starting with NPCs, and consolidating additional portraits in spoilers.

If you wish to make any changes, let me know and I will happily apply the corrections.

Original Post by Zeiss
The Archipelago's NPCs 5MekOhf

K's portrait of Fedler:
K's portrait of Fedler, age 16:

Artist: Stefano Marinetti (commission made on DeviantArt)

"Touch me again, and I'll break your other arm." -Fedler to a drunk caravan guard at the Storming Maiden inn.

First name: Fedler
Last name: Melan
Age: 30
Job: hunter of Waterglass (previously), mercenary
Talents: marksmanship, tracking, skinning, singing (formerly), various instruments (lute, guitar flute, piano, lyre
Reputation: the people of Waterglass respected her once she showed her capabilities, but was still given the cold-shoulder by some of them for avoiding social contact. Her help in the elimination of the cursed wolf, along with the retrieval of the herb which would save Igor's life, have changed the opinion of the villagers who now like her quite a lot.
Interests: Singing, music, nature
Trivia: Once an apprentice bard in her teenage years, until she lost her singing voice when a thug slashed her throat in an attempted mugging. The gang have invested in an advanced woven apparatus to help her sing again.

The Archipelago's NPCs 5EY8SH3

Artist: Stefano Marinetti (commission made on DeviantArt)

"Hmm, what do I look like?"
"I don't know... a fairy? Mr. Irving told me stories about them."
"Oh yeah! I've read lots of books about fairies! I wasn't sure that I was one, but now that you say it, that's what I must be! A flying, loving and super awesome fairy!" -Breeze to Yen, when they first met in the forest near Waterglass.

First name: Breeze
Last name: the Fairy
Age: 2 years old?
Job: fairy
Talents: flying? magic?
Reputation: Yen absolutely loves her, while the others who know about her existence wonder how such a creature out of fiction can exist.
Interests: eating, playing, reading, flying, happpiness, and all of the above in any order or at the same time.
Trivia: she wears clothes which previously belonged to Princess One-Eye, Yen's doll. She can also "retract" her wings whenever she wants.
Original post by Zeiss
The Archipelago's NPCs HxFDKQY
Artist: Stefano Marinetti (commission made on DeviantArt)

Back when Steve and Zelk were teenagers at the Citadel.

Steve, who has been sent to detention and forced to write multiple Tenets of Deremonda as punishment for one of his pranks, meets Zelk in the hallway while they're both going to their respective classes. She is wearing a red scarf.
"Deremonda sends her regards, Zelk," says Steve who then switches to Stoikotita. "Your eyes are beautiful. Red is definitely your color."
She looks down at Steve's lower body, then up at his eyes again. And in Stoikotita, she answers, "Thank you Steve. Do you really like my scarf?"
"Of course. I wouldn't have said anything if I didn't."
She takes the scarf off and gives it to him. He'll hold it for a little bit, but then push it back at her. "It looks better on you, I think."
"Thank you, that's sweet," replies Zelk. "I'm sorry, but I have to get to class. See you later."
He smiles, and watches her go. He's forgotten all about class. Next time Steve tries to walk, he falls face down on the ground. He realizes that Zelk used her telekinesis power to tie the shoelaces of his shoes together. He laughs it off.
"Should have known."

First name: Zelk
Last name: Freeron
Age: mid-twenties
Job: officer in the Free Feathers' military
Reputation: the clients at her father's inn gave her the nickname of Ice Queen, and she completed her magical studies with the highest honors.
Trivia: she has been the main target of Steve's pranks for years.
Original Post by Rory

Ignore the gun.
The Archipelago's NPCs Comman11
Original image: Commander
Artist: artozi
Other: created for a two-bit Facebook game

Quartermaster: "We've found her, Captain. She's on intersecting trajectory."
Captain: "Ready grapeshot and prepare for a long battle. He may be predictable, but Luthor was one of our finest commanders."
Time passes. "Larger figurehead, now. Spent some of that hard-won plunder on his ego."
Quartermaster: "She's not changing trajectory, captain."
Captain: "What's he...hard to port! Get us out of the way, now!"

--Lorinthian navy pirate-hunters, moments before being rammed by the Capricorn

First name: Luther
Last name: Schmidt
Alias: Iron Luthor
Age: 40's (Deceased)
Job: Formerly Lorinth navy, turned pirate
Reputation: Almost one of the worst kind of pirates - almost. Varies, tends toward negative for having rurned pirate. Especially reviled by Lorinth for having regained his "inner voice", and associating himself with Myrzen people.
Interests: ????
Trivia: Raided and plundered in Lorinthian waters for a time, until he'd taken his revenge, and left to avoid their dauntless pursuit.

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PostSubject: Re: The Archipelago's NPCs   The Archipelago's NPCs Icon_minitimeSat 16 Dec 2017, 2:10 pm

The Archipelago's NPCs Q9stebHl

"...Hi. My name is Yennefer, but you can call me Yen." -When she meets the other cursed children of the Citadel.

First name: Yennefer
Last name: Melan
AKA: Yen, Bunny, Black Feather
Age: 10 years old
Job: student at the Citadel
Talents: Making friends. Pranking (?). Highly skilled at capturing small animals and fairies.
Reputation: She is known by her teachers and classmates as the cursed child of the Waterglass incident.
Interests: Cute animals, fairytales, magic and adventures.
Trivia: She knows almost nothing about her grandparents. Though tragic, her Cursed Outburst overpowered the seemingly unstoppable Fire Aspect summoned by 'Marie Lavoie', effectively turning the tide of the battle and saving the lives of the party.
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PostSubject: Re: The Archipelago's NPCs   The Archipelago's NPCs Icon_minitimeSat 30 Dec 2017, 10:28 pm

The Archipelago's NPCs 4Cy6JP1l

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PostSubject: Re: The Archipelago's NPCs   The Archipelago's NPCs Icon_minitimeSat 20 Jan 2018, 11:02 pm

The Archipelago's NPCs BczSlXol

"Dude. What happened to your face?" - The first thing Amber said to Konrad.

First name: Amber
Last name: Windscarf
Age: 15 years old
Occupation: Student
Talents: quipping, darts, other?
Reputation: unknown

Trivia: Invented and mastered a way to play darts where you can hold it for only two seconds before you throw it. Can sometimes be observed sketching into a small notepad. She has a strong Lofellian accent (except when she swears), but fluently speaks Imperial.

The Archipelago's NPCs VqmMs7Wl
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The Archipelago's NPCs
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