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 The Archipelago PCs

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PostSubject: The Archipelago PCs   The Archipelago PCs Icon_minitimeSat 01 Jul 2017, 3:04 am

Original post by Konrad

The Archipelago PCs _color__character_by_stefanomarinetti-dbh4o6o
Artist: Stefano Marinetti, DeviantArt (commissioned)

"We're the same, you and I. Well, that is overstating it. You are nothing like me, but we both need people."
--Konrad in parlay with the captain of a navy frigate.

The man with the unforgettable scar, the proud captain of the Vulcan

First name: Konrad
Last name: Granger
Nickname: "Wildfire"
Age: 32 creation, 33 current
Hair/Eyes: Brown/Brown
Height/Weight: 5'10/210 lbs
Date of Birth: 9/18/388 A.F.
Blood Type: O-Positive
Disposition: Urbane
Favorite food: Flambe-cooked red meat
Favorite drink: Rum
Job: Coins mercenary and privateer
Talents: Sailing, talking, lying, fighting, magic...and getting into trouble
Reputation: ex-pirate, womanizer, vindictive
Interests: personal liberties, courting, playing with emotions, revenge, luxury, sailing, information about the Tykes
Trivia - His scar covers a wide area on the right left side of his face, neck and shoulder, and ends partway down his side.
- Has feelings for Naomi. He pushed her away, and later horribly botched a disingenuous attempt to rekindle the flame.
- Has experimented with pain as a turn-on.
- Smokes, and drinks alcohol and coffee.
- (OOC) Konrad's Coterie, the players' collective term for Konrad's known relationship conquests.


Personalized Weapons
Name: Gallantry
Class: bastard sword (hand-and-a-half)
Properties: slashing, +1 attack/damage.
Background: Looted from a pirate from Kira's wiped-out gang, Konrad added his own flavor to it by having it fitted to a basket hilt of a flowing design tipped with thorns. The name is ironic and comes from a sense of gallows humor.

Name: none yet
Class: flintlock pistol
Properties: piercing
Background: the firearm Konrad invented was inspired by grapeshot swivel cannons.

Theme picked by player:
Original post by Kolson

The Archipelago PCs Kq3Bh1E

"Do what you want, the way you want to." -Steve's Motto.

Name: Steve Oldturn
Alias: Stan Firestarter
Age: 22
Disposition: Irreverent Prankster
Favorite Food: Tacos
Favorite Drink: Green Tea
Job: Coin's Mercenary and Poet
Talents: Black magic, poetry, deception, diplomacy, comedy, and linguistics.
Reputation: The Citadel's #1 prankster, for good and ill.
Trivia: Steve sees Fedler as an older sister and Yen as a niece/successor for the job of Citadel's #1 Prankster.
Him and Zelk Freeron met in the library back at the Citadel. His clumsy attempt to get to know her sparked a 10 year rivalry/wooing. Neither one is entirely sure when the switch happened.
He views Mihai and Konrad as older brothers.
He's been secretly replacing Mihai and Konrad's socks with slightly smaller ones since they returned from Waterglass. Neither one has noticed yet as far as he can tell.
Only Breeze knows about the socks prank. She's been helping him make the switch.
He views Breeze as his friend and mentor, up there with Velstar and a few others. Fedler is very close to being added to this list.
abrogated by newer post:

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PostSubject: Re: The Archipelago PCs   The Archipelago PCs Icon_minitimeSun 24 Sep 2017, 8:04 pm

The Archipelago PCs MbNGZWXl

". . . ."

Name: Mihai Lowick
Alias: Mihai Sobotka. D, but screw that job.
Age: 28
Birthday: March 19th
Blood Type: A+
Job: I'm with the Coins. I rush things down while everyone else shoots and casts flashy magical magic at them.
Interests: *shrugs
Favorite food: I don't get hungry.
Favorite Drink: There was this one called the good stuff... though the Scotch we stole from Zelk's pantry was pretty good too.
Reputation: None, i hope.
Trivia: Wtf is the deal with coffee?

Weapon name: Waterglass
Class: It's a Greatsword.
Properties: It freezes what it cuts, after it failed to do any real damage against the Fire Bitch. Any smartass that thinks to adapt to that, it's got a surprise for them too. Whatever you do, don't lick it.
Background: It was made for the Waterglass Militia, but Saemon gave it to me after my Sword broke. Now i've sunk a fortune into it, and the Coins weavers say it's become too powerful and they can't infuse it anymore.

Subweapon name: Knife
Class: It's a knife.
Properties: It's a knife. I can conceal it, i guess.
Background: Used to be a sword, until some Fire elemental magical thing blew when i stabbed it. I can still use it.
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PostSubject: Re: The Archipelago PCs   The Archipelago PCs Icon_minitimeSun 18 Mar 2018, 12:01 am

The Archipelago PCs LFHQpc0l
Concept art for Elise de la Serre

"I would prefer to work my way up to pirates. And I would prefer to be sitting behind my desk at the agency to 'working my way up'."
--Samantha in response to May on punching pirates

Name: Samantha "Sam" Walters
Age: 25 (203 AF, 1st interlude of Part 1: The Immortals)
Hair, Eye, Skin color: Light brown, green, fair (purple makeup)
Height&Weight: 6ft, 169lbs
Blood Type: A-Negative
Disposition: Immaculate
Favorite food: Emerald cuisine
Favorite drink: Watermelon cider (alcoholic), any juice (non)
Occupation: ISA Quartermaster
Talents: Appraisal, artifice, erudition, legerdemain
Reputation: Brainiac, expert appraiser, savvy card-player
Interests: Archipelago politics, enchanted miscellany, fencing
Trivia - She once jabbed an older patron with a pencil for hitting on her when she was underage, although he perceived that she was older than she looked, and let the matter drop when he learned for certain that she was "beneath his age group". However, she was refused her allowance and grounded.
- She had used her magic heirloom on dates to tell if someone was lying. As a consequence, she had never had a serious relationship.
- Since basic training, she had decided to specialize in fencing; mainly for a hobby, though she would defend herself if need be.

Samantha was a vibrant and robust young brunette with green eyes. Already quite tall for a woman, training and physical exams for the ISA bulked her up and trimmed excess weight down to cut an imposing figure. She held her long hair in place with a bun that fell down her back in a long, wavy ponytail, sweeping her bangs to either side. Her usual makeup was wine lipstick with plum blush and black eyeliner.


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PostSubject: Re: The Archipelago PCs   The Archipelago PCs Icon_minitimeMon 10 Sep 2018, 10:00 pm

The Archipelago PCs 8h8oCZe
Art for Li Dailin from the video game Black Survival

"Der Kuckuck und der Esel (hic)
die hatten (hic) einen Streit
(hic) wer wohl am besten sänge?
(wer wohl am besten sänge?)
(hic) zer schönen Maienzeit.
(zer schönen Maienzeit!)"

--May singing "The Cuckoo and the Donkey," badly, while drinking her favorite rice wine

Name: May Brauer
Age: 21
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'3"
Weight: Das geht dich überhaupt nichts an!
Blood Type: O-
Disposition: Drunk, easygoing, and playful.
Favorite food: BBQ
Favorite drink: Lorinthian Rice Wine
Occupation: Punch Master General, ISA Agent. Formerly Punch Master General, Unemployed.
Talents: Punching, Kicking, Fencing, Eating, Drinking, and Exercise. Can also always find alcohol or establishments that serve alcohol up to an unknown distance away.
Reputation: A skilled warrior and good friend who works hard and plays harder.
Interests: Alcohol, BBQ, Inventing and Continually Improving Drunken Boxing, and Getting Laid.
Trivia: May was officially kicked out of the monastery that trained her for dereliction of duty, public intoxication, disorderly conduct, public urination, and mooning the head monk. Twice. This is in her actual file but it's also a common topic of gossip about her.
- Anyone who knows her reasonably well will quickly see most of those charges are inconsistent with her character and demeanor. When asked why she accepted that judgement she will either make up a reason or shrug it off and refuse to answer.
- She does stretching exercises every morning at dawn no matter what time she goes to sleep.
-Sam and Nick are pretty sure she was asleep once during her stretching routine.
-She's never lost a game of darts.
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The Archipelago PCs
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