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 The Archipelago PCs

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PostSubject: The Archipelago PCs   Sat 01 Jul 2017, 3:04 am

Original post by Konrad

Artist: Stefano Marinetti, DeviantArt (commissioned)

"We're the same, you and I. Well, that is overstating it. You are nothing like me, but we both need people."
--Konrad in parlay with the captain of a navy frigate.

First name: Konrad
Last name: Granger
Age: 32 (campaign start)
Blood Type: O-Positive
Disposition: cultured
Favorite food: beef cuts cooked flambe
Favorite drink: rum
Job: Coins mercenary and privateer
Talents: Sailing, talking, lying, fighting, magic
Reputation: ex-pirate, ex-conscript, now a free man...
Interests: personal liberties, courting, playing with emotions (harmless combination...) "graphology", revenge, luxury, sailing
Trivia - His scar covers a wide area on the right side of his face, neck and shoulder, and ends partway down his side.
- Has feelings for Naomi. He pushed her away, and later botched an attempt to rekindle the flame.
- Has experimented with pain as a kink on account of being Blessed.
- Smokes, and drinks alcohol and coffee.

Original post by Kolson

"Do what you want, the way you want to." -Steve's Motto.

Name: Steve Oldturn
Alias: Stan Firestarter
Age: 22
Disposition: Irreverent Prankster
Favorite Food: Tacos
Favorite Drink: Green Tea
Job: Coin's Mercenary and Poet
Talents: Black magic, poetry, deception, diplomacy, comedy, and linguistics.
Reputation: The Citadel's #1 prankster, for good and ill.
Trivia: Steve sees Fedler as an older sister and Yen as a niece/successor for the job of Citadel's #1 Prankster.
Him and Zelk Freeron met in the library back at the Citadel. His clumsy attempt to get to know her sparked a 10 year rivalry/wooing. Neither one is entirely sure when the switch happened.
He views Mihai and Konrad as older brothers.
He's been secretly replacing Mihai and Konrad's socks with slightly smaller ones since they returned from Waterglass. Neither one has noticed yet as far as he can tell.
Only Breeze knows about the socks prank. She's been helping him make the switch.
He views Breeze as his friend and mentor, up there with Velstar and a few others. Fedler is very close to being added to this list.
abrogated by newer post:

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PostSubject: Re: The Archipelago PCs   Sun 24 Sep 2017, 8:04 pm

". . . ."

Name: Mihai Lowick
Alias: Mihai Sobotka. D, but screw that job.
Age: 28
Birthday: March 19th
Blood Type: A+
Job: I'm with the Coins. I rush things down while everyone else shoots and casts flashy magical magic at them.
Interests: *shrugs
Favorite food: I don't get hungry.
Favorite Drink: There was this one called the good stuff... though the Scotch we stole from Zelk's pantry was pretty good too.
Reputation: None, i hope.
Trivia: Wtf is the deal with coffee?

Weapon name: Waterglass
Class: It's a Greatsword.
Properties: It freezes what it cuts, after it failed to do any real damage against the Fire Bitch. Any smartass that thinks to adapt to that, it's got a surprise for them too. Whatever you do, don't lick it.
Background: It was made for the Waterglass Militia, but Saemon gave it to me after my Sword broke. Now i've sunk a fortune into it, and the Coins weavers say it's become too powerful and they can't infuse it anymore.

Subweapon name: Knife
Class: It's a knife.
Properties: It's a knife. I can conceal it, i guess.
Background: Used to be a sword, until some Fire elemental magical thing blew when i stabbed it. I can still use it.
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The Archipelago PCs
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